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Podrumi Krešić

Podrumi Krešić is a family company established in 2006 with the main office in Vukovar and winery in Šarengrad. The main activity is the wine production of controlled Srijem vineyards origin. Podrumi Krešić use the latest production and wine storage technology. Its vineyard area covers about 20 hectares, with about 140,000 vine-stocks.


A selection of fine wine

Castellum Athya & Patris Rosé

These two products stand out both in quality and design. Traminac wine was given the name “Castellum Athya” because the winyard lays next to the ruins of the old town. Rather than going the photography route I found an old blueprints of the building and created an illustration later finished in gold foil. Patris Rosé was given the name of the founders 4 y/o daughter so naturally we took one of her drawings and turned it in to a label 🙂